Our Vision

To be the Best Govenment Organization Dedicated to Customer Satifsfaction 

Our Mission

To praovide a service in line with government policies, uplife the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resource and participation of the people

History of Katharagama Divisional Secretariat

Region of Kataragama was under the Buttala revenue division in 1963. In 1972 Thanamalwila Divisional Secretariat was started. The Kataragama area was joined to Thanamalwila Divisional Secretariat as Grama Niladhari division. In 1978, the Kataragama area was separated as "Pradeshiya Saba". In 1987, with the dawn of "GAMUDAWA" program the Kataragama region had to be developed an to do so a separate Divisional Secretariat had to be opened. As a result, in 1992, Kataragama Divisional Secretariat was started as the 10th Divisional Secretariat in the Moneragala District.

Role performed at DSs

Name From To
W.Weerakoon 1992.11.16 1993.06.15
S.R.S.Senanayaka 1993.06.16 1994.09.28
W.P.M Munidasa 1994.10.10 1995.12.31
H.L Amarasekara 1996.01.24 1997.01.27
D.M Indra Disanayaka 1997.01.28 1997.05.18
W.M Gunasekara 1997.05.19 2001.04.17
D.M Karunarathna 2001.04.18 2001.07.24
Buddhapriya Nigamuni 2001.07.25 2002.09.23
R.M Hemachandra 2002.09.24 2002.12.03
Ariyarathna Edirisingha 2002.12.04 2006.02.06
Anil Wijesiri 2006.02.07 2006.09.18
T.B.M Athapaththu 2006.09.19 2014.01.10
G.U.K Algewaththa 2014.01.13 2015.08.03
I.R.K Vithanage  2015.08.03 2016.03.04
S.C Weerakoon 2016.03.04 2018.08.01
A.M Nandasiri 2018.08.02 --

News & Events

News & Events

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